Spring & Fall Bear Hunts

We conduct both Spring and Fall Bear Hunts. Our Spring hunts are conducted April through June and our fall hunts are conducted August 30 to September 15. These seven day hunts are the most pleasant, relaxing hunts we have to offer. We have enjoyed a success ratio of 90% over the years. The Middle Fork country has an abundance of bear with a natural balance of mature males. During these periods, the bear are concentrated at the lower elevations grazing on the first green plants of spring and the abundant berry crops in the fall. This provides us with the advantage of glassing from vantage points, evaluating the bear and planning a hopefully successful stalk. This is a very challenging and successful method of hunting bear.

These bears are of the black bear species although they may vary a great deal in shades and colors. Their prime spring coat is unequaled by any other season. Ninety-percent of all bear taken are large males – beautiful trophies that you will be proud to display. We take good care of your trophies to see that they arrive at the taxidermist in the best of condition.

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"You do a magnificent job in maintaining your unique piece of the wilderness. The attention to detail in your operation was noticed and appreciated."