Elk, Deer, Bear & Wolf Combination Hunts

The Middle Fork country is famous for its abundance of game and ability to provide the most remote hunting experiences in the continental U.S. This is wild country with a good balance of mature animals. It is one of the few places remaining where you can enjoy traditional hunting at its best; where the quality of your success is measured by the experience enjoyed, not only by the trophy collected.

Our combination elk, deer, bear and wolf hunts are conducted from mid-September through mid-November. These are eight-day hunts concentrating primarily on elk and deer, but including bear at no extra cost – of course, priorities are your choice. The first and last day of the trip may be used to ride to and from the spike camp. These camps are a three to six hour horseback ride from the ranch. We alternate the use of several camps in order to take advantage of the various weather conditions and to avoid over-hunting an area.

We segregate our groups by camp in order to provide “personalized” hunts for each group. In order to continue the quality experience that has built our reputation, we take only six hunters per week within our entire area of over 400 square miles. We offer trips of one hunter per guide, or two hunters per guide—although we do not mix two strangers on a two hunters per guide hunt.

The harvest success of each hunt depends on weather conditions and the ability and desire of each individual. The steep, rugged terrain can demand a great deal from the trophy-minded hunter. This country consistently produces game throughout the season.

The early part of the season, mid-September through mid-October is during the “bugle” – an unforgettable sound that has been the pitfall of many large bulls. The excitement of hunting bugling bulls is an excellent test of your cardiovascular system.

The late hunts are excellent combination elk and deer hunts due to the advantage the first snows provide. The game moves to more open ranges creating opportunities to glass and evaluate the animals prior to the stalk. Our mule deer hunting is greatly improved due to the approaching rutting season.

Our horses are corralled and fed in order to eliminate the time that is lost wrangling and allows us to be out on the mountain at first light. We use horses to eliminate as much footwork as possible, although most of the actual hunting is done on foot.

All of these hunts include everything except your rifle, license, sleeping bag, personal items and flight into the ranch. We cannot stress too strongly the advantage of wearing non-scratchy materials, preferably fleece or wool. The scratch of nylon lessons your chance of success a great deal.

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"You do a magnificent job in maintaining your unique piece of the wilderness. The attention to detail in your operation was noticed and appreciated."