Lion, Bobcat & Wolf Hunts

A hunt combining Mountain Lion, Bobcat and Wolf in the Idaho back country is one of the premiere hunting experiences available anywhere. These are classic hunts with horses, hounds and a lot of “yahoos”. The old adage “back in the good old days” doesn’t apply to this hunt. The lion population is at an all-time high with a very liberal season length and bag limit. Hunting from the comforts of the fabulous Middle Fork Lodge and riding the remote trails, enjoying the grandeur of the Middle Fork wrapped in its winter plumage in pursuit of three of nature’s most majestic creatures, is definitely as good as it gets. The wolf population is at a saturation point and significant management is needed in order to balance the predator/prey relationship.

You will enjoy the evenings in the luxury of a private room, hot tub and swimming pool heated by our natural hot springs. The mornings will begin with a hearty breakfast, then you will be handed a sack lunch and mounted on a dependable mountain horse. Modern conveniences are left behind as you head into the wilderness of yesteryear with experienced lion hunters and a pack of excited hounds that live for this moment. As we traverse the countryside we are continually vigilant for wolves; either tracks, howling or sightings. Our lion hunt may turn to a wolf hunt at any moment.

Lion tracks are found virtually every day. We will evaluate each set of tracks for size and freshness to determine if they are worth the time and effort. If they pass muster, you will immediately be amused by the clamor of hounds and their “full cry”. We will pursue the hound music by horseback and on foot until you are staring into fiery eyes and snarling teeth. You will then make the judgment if this is the cat for you, if not, a roll of film (or a bunch of megabytes) later and we are off to start another chase. A good camera is an absolute must, as this hunt is a photographer’s dream. We offer special prices for camera hunts where your only desire is to capture these magnificent animals on film. Spouses and non-hunters are welcome on these hunts – history has proven all to have a great time.



Bill Frazier

"I have been hunting at the Middle Fork Lodge since 1991. It's been a truly first class experience."