Wolf Hunts

Wolves were reintroduced into Idaho in 1995 through the ESA. Since the original transplant of 15 individuals near Middle Fork Lodge the wolf population has grown to a saturation of basically an unknown number of wolves within the confines of the wilderness. Due to the wolves’ impact on the ungulate populations the Idaho Wolf Management Plan has been accepted by the necessary authorities and implemented by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Middle Fork Lodge believes strongly in the need for proper management of all species congruently. We had our first wolf hunting season in 2009 and were very successful. Due to the open terrain and our first hand knowledge of all species within the Middle Fork we offer Wolf hunts second to none.

The current wolf season is from September 15 through March 31 unless the designated management quota is reached first. Our hunts are headquartered from the lodge with daily horseback hunts into the wilderness. We utilize mouth calls and howling as well as spot and stalk methods which have proven successful. These wolves vary a great deal in color and range from 80 to 130 lbs; a magnificent trophy. I assure you that you will be massively “O.D.’ed” on adrenaline as you are approached by wolves with their hearts set on “dinner”.

These are seven day hunts concentrating on a wolf but do include a coyote at no additional fee. A wolf can be included on any of our hunts during a corresponding wolf season, the only additional costs being the trophy fee.

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Jay Hagenbauch

"This was quite a trip. It was a rugged and physically challenging experience, in country that was even more beautiful than normal as the leaves had begun to change. I've done a fair amount of hunting and, therefore, have a yardstick by which to measure the organization and professionalism associated with any particular hunt. You should know that the crew represents you incredibly well. They are organized and hardworking, yet retain a great sense of humor and are very enjoyable to be around. Their knowledge of the area and its wildlife is really impressive. More importantly, the ethical standards that they employ in their guiding and their sense of strong stewardship for the land on which we camped and hunted are first rate. Even if our results had not been so good (which they absolutely were!), I could not be more complimentary of their efforts and the credit that they bring to The Middle Fork Lodge."